What is MoreVegetables.com?

Our goal is to get your family to eat more vegetables, every day.  Read tips, try new recipes, learn to grow your own, and share in a community that strives to enjoy vibrant good health.

Morevegetables.com is based on the belief that, no matter what point you are in your life, eating more vegetables is key.  Young, old, sick, well, vegan, meat-eating, and everyone in between needs to eat more vegetables.  If you are raising healthy kids, healing your body, or just want to feel good again, morevegetables.com is for you.

All of our recipes are allergy friendly.   We label our recipes in regards to the top 8 allergens (gluten, dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, shellfish), and most of our recipes are dairy, egg and gluten free.  

I spent a great deal of my life dealing with a minor dairy intolerance that eventually grew out of control.  I developed multiple, intense food intolerances.  After I had my second child, it got so bad that I only had a handful of safe foods to eat.  One of my “safe” meals included grass-fed beef, sweet potatoes, and green vegetables.  I ate this so often that I turned orange from the sweet potatoes.  I was bright orange for a solid year!  As challenging and scary as this experience was, it taught me how to heal my body with proper nutrition.  

I got a lot of help from functional medicine and an allergy treatment similar to homeopathy called  LDA (“Low Dose Allergen Therapy”), but most of the hard work was done in the kitchen.  If I had known sooner that the right diet changes and supplements would support and heal my body, I would have done it immediately.  This is what inspired the blog.  

I spent years researching food allergies and visiting specialists like gastroenterologists, allergists and immunologists.  I was ready and willing to do what it took to get better, but their only advice was to avoid my allergens and come in for a prescription when I was done nursing my baby that wasn’t safe and “probably not that effective.”  And their dietary advice was abysmal.  I continued to get worse after visiting these specialists.  It took getting desperate, sitting in the parking lot of a grocery store in 100 degree heat of Texas, with the A/C blasting and the kids fast asleep, crying my eyes out because I had no idea what I was going to buy to eat at the grocery store that day.  After years of looking for answers, some sort of miracle happened and I stumbled upon a blog  written by  Nicolette M. Dumke at food-allergy.org.  She talked about her family’s food allergy journey and the healing from LDA.  I immediately found an incredible LDA doctor from this list.  I got started on LDA, took my practitioner‘s advice on diet changes, and the rest is history.

I have a passion for proper nutrition and natural health, and will strive to bring information that is useful for families and individuals.  During my time of healing, I stumbled upon The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol and The Wahls Protocol.  Following the outline of these plans was instrumental in healing my body.  I learned how this diet can heal people from severe autoimmune disease, reduce pain, and grow healthy kids.  I spent all of my free time learning about natural ways to good health.  Instead of writing a blog with “allergy friendly” recipes, I instead want to focus on delicious, nutritious recipes that also happen to be allergy friendly.

We support choosing Organic, eating the rainbow, letting food be thy medicine, and filling your plate full with vegetables.

We are always open to feedback!  Get in touch and tell us your story.  Share with us your favorite recipes, your gardening skills, and the things that make eating vegetables effortless for your family.  Help us make this site a useful tool for everyone as we discover the gifts vegetables hold inside.

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