5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables this Winter

We all know getting kids to eat their veggies can feel like a full-time job.  Or, at least, it does for me.  Learning the importance of good nutrition, and seeing its positive effects in action, inspires me to spend more time in the kitchen, the garden and the farmers market.  Here are 5 ways to make it fun this winter. Continue reading “5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables this Winter”

Roasted Cabbage

Cabbage is easily one of my favorite vegetables.  Being half Ukrainian, I grew up eating cabbage and noodles, a dish called “Haluski.” Then, of course, there was stuffed cabbage, or “Holupki.”  I often recreate these comfort foods without our food allergens like dairy, gluten and eggs.  Sometimes, though, I just have to get my cabbage fix a little bit quicker.

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Gifts for Gardeners Part 1

Gifts for Gardeners and Veggie Lovers, Part 1: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Part 1: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Searching for just the right gift for the gardener in your life?  We’ve got you covered with unique, high quality gift ideas at every price point.  The first stop on your shopping trip should be to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds  (www.rareseeds.com).

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Pinterest Potluck

This is what you bring to a school potluck when your five year old loves Pinterest!

Blanching the broccoli and tossing it in olive oil and sea salt goes over much better with little ones than raw broccoli.  We use an organic unfiltered olive oil like this one by Paesano: Amazon: Paesano Olive Oil.*

And yes, those are organic oranges in the picture, not lemons!

Gobble Gobble!


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