Learning how to Garden with Podcasts, Youtube Channels and Groups

If you don’t now how to garden, but you’d like to learn, there are some amazing online resources available in the form of podcasts, YouTube channels and social media groups.  The best part?  You can up your gardening game while commuting to work, washing the dishes or relaxing in front of the TV.  Here are a few of my favorites right now, and they are all FREE!

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If you haven’t gotten into podcasts yet, now is the time.  The quality of the content and the variety of topics have improved dramatically in the past few years.

If you have an Alexa (that voice-activated spy machine Amazon sells), you can say, “Alexa, play the Joe Gardener Show podcast,” and it will play the latest episode instantly.

You can also go online and download your favorite podcasts and load them onto an inexpensive MP3 player so you can enjoy podcasts on-the-go without the WiFi.

The Joe Gardener Show with Joe Lamp’l  

This show is for everyone.  You will feel right at home whether you are a beginner or experienced gardener.  Joe Lamp’l has a great voice for radio and invites interesting guests to his show.  He’s passionate about growing organically, and he shares strategies to save water, conserve resources and promote a healthier and safer planet.

One of my favorite episodes is “How to Grow Bountiful Blueberries – Key Steps with Lee Reich.” It showcases an experienced grower, passionate about growing the best organic blueberries at home successfully.   I’ve always wanted to grow blueberries, and now I feel confident to try this out, even in my hot Texas climate.  Maybe The Joe Gardener Show has a topic that will inspire you.  

Sustainable World Radio

sustainable world

Jill Cloutier’s Sustainable World Radio podcast takes you a step beyond organic gardening and into the world of permaculture, ecology, sustainability and more. But why not shoot for the moon? Jill has a passion for plants that translates into fascinating guest interviews that will move you to create a more abundant and diverse landscape.

Whether you dream of having your own food forest, or  just one lone fruit tree in your backyard, Jill’s interview with Michael Judd on creating a Food Forest is a great listen.  He explains an easy “patch” layering method that creates a nutrient dense soil base so you can grow a fruit tree that will thrive.  Then, he takes you a few steps further into companion plants that will compliment your fruit tree and begin your own food forest.  Check out his interview HERE.

Youtube Channels

You can watch YouTube videos from your smart TV, computer or electronic device.  I prefer watching gardening videos on YouTube instead of the typical TV show–especially since gardening videos are positive choice to watch when the kids are around.

Here are two channels I watch often:

Growing Your Greens with John Kohler

With over 1400 videos since 2009, John Kohler is the king of YouTube Gardening channels.  Whenever I get in a gardening rut, I take a break, watch some of John’s videos, and I am inspired to try again.  Because John grows in the desert climate of Arizona, many of his gardening challenges parallel struggles I face as a Texas gardener.  I’ve applied many of the techniques he uses in my garden with great success, including watering systems, the strongest varieties for our hot climate, and building great soil.   John’s enthusiasm for all things gardening and great health will inspire you to grow your greens and keep on growing.

Check out one of his most popular episodes: “Top 12 Hacks to Save Time Vegetable Gardening.”

I am Organic Gardening with Mark

There are a number of organic gardening channels on YouTube, but I keep coming back to this channel to enjoy Mark’s down to earth style and extensive knowledge.  Since he is gardening on a larger piece of land like we do, I can learn a lot from him in this regard.  I also miss the East Coast, so it’s fun to see his New Jersey farm and kitchen garden.  Mark knows his stuff, and he is happy to share what he knows.

If you want to get to know this host a little better, check out his video on why he bought a farm, here: How My Homestead and Organic Gardening SAVED My Family.”

Social Media Groups


Facebook groups are a surprisingly great way to interact and learn from other gardeners. If you have a burning gardening question, try your local gardening group on Facebook or MeWe.  There are local experts on these groups ready and willing to help.

Be sure to find an active group in your region to get the best answers for your climate.

Here are some of my favorite Central Texas gardening groups:

1) Texas Organic Gardening and Lifestyle

2) Organic Gardening 101 in Central Texas

Summer Harvest
As my gardening skills improve, so do my harvests.  Summer 2018

Your Turn!

What are your favorite ways to learn about gardening?  Do you have a favorite podcast, YouTube channel or Facebook Group?  Please share your favorite resources in the comments.


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