A Smoothie without Fruit?

The eternal breakfast struggle continues.  My husband says he doesn’t like smoothies because they are too sweet and hurt his stomach.  As a family with gluten, dairy and egg intolerances, kicking smoothies off the menu leaves us with leaves us with frustratingly few options for breakfast.

Thankfully, I’ve crafted a Facebook newsfeed that includes some of the best wellness bloggers around.  On any random day, I am inspired by a new recipe or idea that gets us through the week, which I often share on our Facebook feed.  (Follow us HERE.)

This week’s miracle was inspired by Dr. Mark Hyman’s Green Breakfast Smoothie.  A smoothie without fruit.

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Of course, my husband is right.  Smoothies loaded with fruit are also loaded with sugar.  A gut-bustingly bad way to start the day.

Instead, ditch the fruit and try a nutrient dense, healthy fat smoothie that will keep you going past lunch.

Dr. Hyman’s smoothie includes lemon, avocado, celery, spinach, parsley, cilantro, cucumber, olive oil, water and sea salt.

I didn’t have all of these ingredients, so I crafted my own with what I could find around the kitchen and patio garden.

I used aloe and romaine lettuce instead of cucumber, and I added some frozen spinach since we were out of the fresh stuff.  A few squeezes of lime replaced the lemon.

The verdict?   Hubby loved it!  (Insert shocked and excited happy dance!)

This all-veggie smoothie has a slight guacamole taste from the avocado, and the citrus and herbs make it vibrant and refreshing.  This is “food as medicine” at it’s finest.


Phew.  A healthy item to add to the breakfast lineup.  A few steps closer to getting more vegetables into my family.

You can get Dr. Mark Hyman’s Green Breakfast Smoothie recipe HERE.

This recipe is also published in his new book, Eat Fat, Get Thin.

But what about protein you ask?  I’m not a huge fan of protein powders, and I am allergic to many of them.  I recommend 3 options to up the protein factor:

  1.  Add Collagen.  Two tablespoons provides a whopping 11 grams of protein, and it doesn’t taste like anything.  No funky ingredients or sweeteners.  Just collagen–a boost for your hair, skin, bones and tendons.
  2. If you are not sensitive or allergic, some soaked raw nuts or seeds blend up really well.  The Blender Girl has a great tutorial on soaking nuts and seeds.
  3. Leave the smoothie recipe as is, and have some leftover protein from the night before on the side.  A couple of slices of steak or a piece of chicken from last night’s dinner can really make this your best breakfast yet.

What are your go-to smoothie mash ups?  Do you skip the fruit?

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