Gifts for Gardeners Part 1

Gifts for Gardeners and Veggie Lovers, Part 1: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Part 1: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Searching for just the right gift for the gardener in your life?  We’ve got you covered with unique, high quality gift ideas at every price point.  The first stop on your shopping trip should be to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds  (

With over 1800 varieties of pure, non-hybrid, non-GMO, non-treated and non-patented seeds from over 75 countries, Baker Creek has something special for everyone.  Whether you are shopping for basics such as heirloom tomato seeds or something more unique, like dragonfruit, Baker Creek has you covered.

Just reading the catalog will inspire any budding gardener to get outside and work the soil.  With offerings that include Red Carrots, Pink BlueberriesOrange Tomatoes, Yellow Flesh Watermelon, Green Cauliflower, Blue Butterfly Pea flower, and Purple Sweet Potato–“eating the rainbow” will be a New Year’s Resolution come true.

Just a sample of the many seeds I’ve purchased from Baker Creek.  Borage, Roxelle, Basil, Tahitian Melon Squsth, Attila Strawberry, Purple Hull Peas, Regina Strawberry and Poblano Pepper.


FREE – Request a copy of their free seed catalog HERE.

Under $20: The Whole Seed Catalog.  355 page full-color catalog with over 1800 Heirloom Offerings, as well as recipes, articles, photos and food history.

Under $30: Mom’s Holiday Gift Set. Includes Baker Creek’s Whole Seed Catalog, 12 packets of their most popular heirloom seeds, and proceeds support Mom’s Across America–a dynamic organization  aimed at stopping GMO’s, toxins and other threats to our freedom in raising healthy kids.

Any Amount: Gift Certificate to Baker Creek.  Gifting a catalog and a gift certificate should delight any gardener with the joy of choosing which varieties to bring to their garden.

Gift for a School or Large Group: Seed Jumbo Pack, $395, includes 250 packs of seeds and both The Heirloom Life Gardener and The Baker Creek Vegan Cookbook.  Available in two varieties: Northern and Southern seed sets, based on your climate location.

Last year, I purchased for myself White Marseilles fig plants, banana dwarf tree plants, and a variety of seeds–including every type of strawberry seed they had available!  I’m new at gardening, but had great success with both the seeds and the plants.  I love that I can bring the fig and dwarf banana trees indoors in the colder months.  Having plants inside your home or office helps to cleanse the air, and the fruit these trees will bear make it extra special.

What do you plan on growing this year from Baker Creek?

We hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our gift giving guide.

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